Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor day weekend and 2 new things

We got back from Washington for Dan's family's annual reunion for Labor Day weekend. It was a lot of fun. On that side of the family there are 5 new babies and 4 were able to attend. Jackson, Alana, twins Carter and Logan.

We all put on a pirate themed carnival for all the kids. Jackson even got in on some of it.

Jackson is on the left being held by his Uncle Jeff the Pirate.

We made a quick stop at Babies R Us and got some new stuff. Since Jackson has been grabbing for all bottles and glasses, we figured we would buy his own sippy cup. He likes it, but is still learning how to keep it at his mouth.

While at our family reunion, Alana let Jackson try out her mesh feeder and Jackson liked it really well. So I decided to go ahead and buy one too. I figure this is something else Jackson can do on his own right now and it gets his hands working. He really liked it. I put frozen papaya puree in it and he loved it.

We have been getting eggs everyday now and we are getting a blue egg too! They taste great too.

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