Saturday, December 26, 2009

9 months

Here are his 9 month pictures!

Here he's playing in a laundry basket, which he loves to do. I thought these expressions were cute.

I know this one is way blurry, but I don't have many pics of this smile. It must be his cheesy grin smile. It's somewhat of a new thing.

Jackson is

  • Still crawling and seems like he's getting faster
  • Has stood by himself twice for like 4 seconds. However, he was sort of tricked. He was holding a toy both times, so he thought he was holding onto something stable. Both times though he stood great though!
  • Only cruising a little along the couch, not much yet
  • Opening and closing cupboards
  • Pushing his toys around while crawling behind them, especially a train engine with wheels he has, and lately anything else with or without wheels.
  • Loves bath time! He goes to the tub anytime he can during the day. During his bath, he goes on his belly a bunch and will put his mouth and nose under to drink the water.
  • Crys when I leave the room. He never, ever did that before. He'll be completely content with his toys and then if I leave and he realizes it, he crys and starts crawling after me.

Remembered two more:

  • Does the Indian call (saying "ahh" and moving hand back and forth over mouth) a lot now. He will do it by himself with his fists and when I put my hand over his mouth.
  • Definitely knows the game of throwing something down on the ground to get me to pick it up and give back to him so he can throw it back on the ground again. We do it with his toys and he cracks up.

Added late too... Jackson had his 9 month doctor appointment (at 9 1/2 months old) and weighs 19 lbs and is about 29 1/4 inches long. He is doing great the doctor thought.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

This is our Christmas card this year. Click here to see last years. Kind of funny, but I realized truly the only difference is Jackson between the two pictures. Dan and I are both wearing the same coats and hats. I even have the same scarf on (and I have a bunch of scarves).

My computer got some bad viruses a couple days ago. So I have been working on getting it all back up and running. I can't put photoshop back on yet, so I won't be able to edit and upload any photos probably for a week. This photo I did before the viruses. The viruses were pretty bad. I had to do the PC recovery and start all over to get rid of them. I had most of my stuff backed up, but did loose some. So this is a good reminder to back up more often! I think I will now get another external hard drive for a secondary back up too.

Friday, December 18, 2009


We went over to a family friend's house the other day. Their daughter, Lucy, played with him and let him play with her toys. Jackson loved the little barbie and my little pony because they had hair.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Red Robin

Amy and I, with the kids, went shopping, saw Santa and ate at Red Robin today.

For some reason Red Robin took forever with getting us a table. We requested to have two high chairs for the boys, so I guess only people in the booths were leaving, because a ton of people got seated before us.

Anyways, they were pretty cute sitting next to each other. However, they were a little far to reach. We eventually moved Wyatt to the side and then I sat around where Wyatt was. I took some pics though before we moved around.

Bath time

Jackson is really enjoying his bath time lately.

He loves:
  • his rubber ducky, it's his fav. He is always grabbing it and sucking on it. He always chooses the duck one too, not the lion.
  • splashing, hitting the water with his hands flailing.
  • crawling back & forth, it's like he's running back and forth from one side to the other.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

party and snow!

Amy hosted a Christmas party at her house. We did a white elephant present exchange and ugly sweater contest. The guys that wore the sweaters won. I think no matter what, the sweaters would always look uglier on the guys. (Like all pictures, click to see it bigger.)

It warmed up some here and so it snowed last night. I took Jackson out in it this morning. He liked crawling around in it and pushing it around. When his mittens would fall off, he didn't like touching the cold snow at all.

Jackson's crawling trail.

Kaeli loves the snow and always gets it on her nose.

The chickens must have thought the snow was food, they were going crazy for it (since they didn't get any in their coop).

Friday, December 11, 2009

cop car

We went to Kiddoz yesterday in between a bunch of shopping to let Jackson crawl around some. Jackson thought this toy was the best! He couldn't push it himself, but he'd sort of shake it back and forth. He loved the steering wheel and just thought it was neat to be inside of it. He also liked it a lot when I'd push him around in it.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

dada and couch climbing

Jackson has started to say "mama" and "dada". Sometimes "mama" sounds like "mum" and "mmmama". He just figured out how to open his mouth when saying "mmmm". He says "mama" when he's more tired and then "dada" when he's happy. He's been saying "dada" in the morning a bunch lately. He says it with a high pitched voice.

I helped him figure it out, but now he can do it by himself as long as the giraffe is there.

I think this is his first actual crusing along something. Before he would be standing and get down and crawl and then stand back up again, even on really short distances.

Monday, December 7, 2009

random pics of Jackson

It's soo cold outside. This morning it was 6 degrees F. I'm so happy we have a warm house.

I'm loving the feeling that Christmas is coming. I put the tree up yesterday and am waiting for Dan to get home to decorate it. It smells so good.

Here are some random pics of Jackson lately.

A new face he is making.

Pulling himself up to standing at everything. And trying to climb up on everything. Here is he standing on the little platform to be higher. He also climbs up the giraffe to get on the couch, climbs in his kitchen toy drawer and onto the dishwasher door.

He thinks it's his job to clear the shelf off.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

We got our tree!

We went and cut our tree down! We had a lot of fun. Jackson's toes got a little cold, so after we got our tree we hung out in the truck with the heat on for a little bit. Then he was happy and having fun again. Every year, after we get our tree we start a fire and have hot dogs and snacks. Good times.

Some friends couldn't come this year and we added more to the bunch. Here was last years pic.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Trick riding

Standing on Giraffe from Jessica Meyer on Vimeo.

Same video, I'm just testing to see which one views best.

Oregon Civil War game last night

Jackson wore a Beavers sweatshirt, Ducks onesie, orange babylegs for the beavers, Duck booties, and had both duck and beaver hats. Ducks won, so he'll get to wear his duck attire again soon.

We went to our friend Amy's house to watch the game. Jackson and Wyatt had a lot of fun playing together. They are pretty cute together.

They both cimbed in the toy box multiple times and played in there a bunch.