Thursday, September 10, 2009

On the little potty

So this all started with reading an article online about the girl that used to play Blossom on tv. It said she was an "unconventional" mother. So I clicked on it to see what was so "unconventional" about her. She does cloth diapers, co-sleeps, babywearing and elimination communication (EC). I didn't really know what EC meant, so I looked it up. It's basically about watching for cues that your baby needs to go to the bathroom, watching their routine of going to the bathroom and taking the baby to the toilet or wherever to 'go' and cue them by making a certain noise like "psss". It intrigued me. I got some books about it from our library, read more. And started doing it.

The first time, I just held him over his diaper during a change and said go potty and pssss. Guess what, he pee'd! Then over the next two days I kept trying more and wasn't happening, but I was watching/learning his routine better. The third night I took him to the toilet when he started stirring when it was soon to be time for a bottle and he went a lot! Did it again in the early morning and he went again! It's been a week or so now and he goes maybe 1/3 of the time in the toilet and poops about 1/2 the time in the toilet. He goes the best at night, I guess less distractions and easy since he just woke up and is for sure ready to go.

It's so different than we are used to and it's amazing to me that it works. My goals through this are just to get him more used to the toilet so the transition later will be easier and to maybe have less diapers to wash or at least less poopy diapers to wash. I know it will have ups and downs and that's ok with me, but at least we are trying and he doesn't mind it. I can't believe I didn't know about this till now. Some people start at birth, I don't think I would have started that early, but maybe at 2-3 months. They say the sooner the better so they don't forget how to use that muscle and so they don't get used to soiling themselves too much.

Our main reason going to Babies R Us the other day was for this Baby Bjorn Little Potty. It's smaller than the normal kids potty seats, so he fits right on it. He's gone a few times in it already. Gives him another place to go, especially if he gets tired of looking at the toilet.

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