Thursday, June 24, 2010

boys and dirt

Boys love dirt.

Jackson's doing his funny face again.

And here's Wyatt doing a funny face.

They were working hard.

Super cute rinsing the dirt off.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

good news for the blog readers

I should have more time to blog after Sunday!

I quit my job!

It just didn't work out. They weren't willing to be flexible with my schedule anymore and were scheduling me for more days than I wanted, so I was pretty much forced to quit. I'm happy though. The extra money was nice, but we don't need to have it. I think I'll take a break for the summer and then re-evaluate if I want to work another part time job.

I missed posting the weekly menu, I need to start doing it again. Maybe I'll do it Monday.

finally nice weather

We finally got some 80 degree (F) weather! It seems we had a cool spring, so it's nice that summer is here. To enjoy it more, I got out the little pool.

Jackson loves to cuddle blankets, pillows, etc, just for a short moment and then he moves on.

Learning how to drink from the hose.

Filling the pool!

Jackson and I went and got some vegetables for the garden! I planted them tonight after Jackson went to bed. I bought two zucchinis, three corn, two tomatoes, and one orange bell pepper.

And here is Jackson eating dinner tonight. First time with his new plate! He did very well. He wanted to pick it up a couple times, but I held it down.

late annual picture

I took the picture on time, but I'm just late posting it. Here is the backside of our backyard over four years.

This year the hollyhocks didn't come back quite as strong. Some bug was eating them last year. I'm just hoping the bug doesn't come back again. It's also funny to notice that each year I've done something different with the stepping stones/rocks. It's hard to weed around them and this year I think I just don't want them at all.

The rose bush at the very end of the strip is all in yellow blooms right now. It's very pretty.

Friday, June 18, 2010

geocaching and some pictures

I've lately been thinking about wanting to use our GPS somehow for hikes or something fun. I've thought about geocaching, but didn't know anything about it and thought it was too hard to do. Until... I read this article in True North Parenting (a local magazine). It explained it all and said to go to to find caches. So I logged in today while Jackson was taking a nap and found that there is a cache just down the road, 0.2 miles away. It's crazy, I would never have thought that. I just thought they were all out in the forest or something. So now I'm totally into it and excited to start. I've entered some into our GPS, so maybe tomorrow I can go look for one.

My Dad took these while we were visiting them this last week. Jackon's newest favorite item are keys, any keys. I need to find some old keys that don't work and wouldn't be a big deal if he lost them somewhere.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the park

This weekend I went to see my family and went to my cousin's college graduation party. I was told I've been slacking with sharing pictures of Jackson. So here is a pic of him at the park while we were over there. My dad took it. I'll try to post some more that my dad took tomorrow. I was also told they'd rather see pictures of Jackson than what we are eating for dinner, but too bad! I didn't do the menu this week, but I'll be posting the menu Sunday for next week. Posting our menu here has been working pretty good for me. It keeps me accountable and makes me do the menu, which makes me plan groceries better and makes me cook actual dinners.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Here is the plan for this week:

Monday: Salmon, brown rice, broccoli

Tuesday: Freezer Sausage & Rice, from Once-a-month-cooking book

Wednesday: Pepperoni pizza and homemade pizza dough

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: still leftovers?

Saturday: chinese food take out?

Sunday: leftovers?