Sunday, August 30, 2009

finger foods!

Jackson made his first attempt at finger foods! I bought some Mum Mum rice crackers for him and he liked them a lot. They are easy for him to hold and get in his mouth. They pretty much just melt, so it was easy for him to eat too. I tried cutting up little grapes, but he couldn't grab those yet. He thought it was neat though!

I have really tried hard this summer to line dry all laundry. It's been only like three times maybe that I've used the dryer.

I bought Jackson a new pair of overalls yesterday for $2 at a used baby clothes store.

This is where the clothes line is. I go out our garage to the side yard. This is also where Kaeli hangs out while we are gone during the day. You can't really see it, but there is a purple kiddie pool at the end for Kaeli too. The picture was taken around 5pm I think. It gets pretty good sun during the day, which is great because it bleaches all the stains out of Jackson's diapers.

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