Sunday, September 20, 2009

I'm 29

Dan is in the middle of his shift today (he works 48 hours on and 96 off now), so for my birthday he emailed me this morning. The email said Happy Birthday and to find your present, follow the clue. The first clue was "Look at the feet of the animal that flew the farthest home." Which is our giraffe that he got in Africa. I found the clue and found around 5 more through the house and then found a birthday card with a gift card to Coldstone Icecream. It was very nice, I love scavenger hunts like that. My dad would always do them for me growing up and I thought they were the coolest thing.

My parents are coming to town for a few days today. They haven't seen Jackson for a month! And tonight we are going out to the airport fire station to eat dinner with Dan.

Last weekend, my Grandpa and Ardy came to town with a model A group. So Jackson had to wear his oshgosh overalls for his Great Grandpa, even though they are 12 month size, they fit him pretty good still.

I took Jackson out in the grass again for more pictures. He now can sit by himself a little, just a little because then he falls over. He did better in the grass than on the floor inside though, the grass must support him a bit.

Kaeli is such a good dog. This pic looks like Jackson is posing for it.

Look at this same set up 3 months ago.

Jackson loves getting thrown up in the air, finally got a shot of it (and he's even naked, hehe!).

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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday Jessica! Have a good one!