Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It appears we have some visitors in our back yard. We haven't seen them, but there are some big clues that they have been there.

Two different days when I have checked on my flowers this is what I have found. My poor sunflowers! I wish the deer would find other food. Just down in the field is a bunch of grass, but I guess my sunflowers taste better. I had about 15 or so back there and each time the deer have eaten more and knocked more over. The biggest one was pulled out of the ground, roots showing, so I planted it again and am hoping it will be make it. Last year we didn't have problems with deer, but I didn't have this many sunflowers either.

Here are two 3x3 cards I made. The So Saffron ink shows up a lot lighter than the Certainly Celery. You can see the doodle stamp a lot easier on the Certainly Celery background than the So Saffron. They were fun and easy cards to make.


Corie said...

oooo I love these!!

Emilia said...

oh, too bad...bad deer!
I love this pair of card! soooo smooth and spring feel in them!