Sunday, July 8, 2007

Busy weekend

We kept pretty busy last week and this weekend. On the 4th, we watched the Redmond parade, then we went to the Sunriver BBQ that is put on by the fire dept, and then we went to our friends parents house for a BBQ. We spent the evening on their deck and watched the Redmond fireworks from about 10 miles away, so no pictures of fireworks. However, I had fun taking pictures of the little landscaping lights they had. The only thing I did was add the watermark, nothing else. I made the heart by using a long shutter speed and moving my hand in the shape of a heart while taking a picture of the light.

Below is a picture of the chickens that Dan's mom has. The two that are speckled gray were the chicks we raised. My how they have grown! Go to the April 1st post to see what they looked like when they were little.

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