Monday, May 17, 2010

we finished the PPP

It was hard on us, but we finished the Pole Peddle Paddle. No record time for us... well maybe the slowest time :-)

Dan's sister snowboarded, I did the 8k cross country ski, Dan biked 22 miles, his brothers canoed, I jogged 5 miles, and his mom pushed Jackson in the jogger the last 1/2 mile leg. So we were in the three generation family team category.

It was a gorgeous day, a little too hot though. But I can't complain, I would have rather had it that way than rain or snow. On my xc-ski leg, the snow was soo slushy, which makes it difficult for a novice xc-skier like me to go down the little hills in slush with those super skinny skis. I fell a couple times in the beginning, but then started to get the hang of it. I went pretty darn slow. I also kept thinking about how I still had to run. I got a short break after skiing while Dan did the biking leg. On my run I sure had felt that I had skied almost 5 miles prior... going uphills sure killed my legs. They were exhausted by the end. It was a big mental struggle, but I just kept focusing to move one leg after the other. It reminded me a lot of when I did the marathon, but that was mainly because I hardly trained for this event.

If I start in 6 months, maybe I could do the whole PPP myself next year. The biggest hurdle is practicing xc-skiing, takes so long to get up to the mountain. I don't see myself making it up there that many times, so I don't see myself getting much faster with the xc-skis. But I can bike and run easy and then maybe find a kayak to practice in a few times. I could do it. ...maybe.

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Courtney said...

That's awesome Jessica! Katey and I were talking about training to do a 5K when we move back. You can train us ;)