Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I'm behind.

I don't have the meals planned out. We still haven't had a pot roast. Today I pulled a roast out of the freezer, so we'll probably eat that Tuesday night. But as for the rest, don't really know. I got pesto for pizza last week and still have some of that, so maybe a pesto chicken pasta dish wed.

Last week the pizza was good. Had leftover dough, so I had it a couple times for lunch and another dinner. I had a cold that lasted all week, so we didn't do the loaded baked potatoes. The healthified mexican skillet was good, but because of my cold I couldn't taste it very much. Dan said it tasted good though. Both that and the Taco Pasta are very similar. I would say the Taco Pasta had more taste, but that's just cause I couldn't taste anything in the mexican skillet. But I liked it though since it only makes one pan dirty (but I bet I could change the Taco Pasta to be that way too).


Tuesday: Pot Roast

Wednesday: Pesto Chicken Pasta

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: ???



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