Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a little monkey

I realized most of the recent pictures on my cell phone are of Jackson climbing on stuff. So here they are.

Also, I don't think I've talked about this before (?) but I wanted to explain it a little. Jackson wears babylegs (the leggings) pretty much full time while we are at home. It makes it so easy to change his diaper and to have him pee on the potty, etc. He also doesn't wear a diaper cover (waterproof cover) while at home, so I know right when he's wet and it makes it easier too (and is another reason why pants don't work at home). And now that it's freezing outside, we just put a cover and pants on to go out. The babylegs keep him extra warm and especially keep his legs warm when his pants ride up when he's being held. I just wanted to explain why he's never wearing pants in most pictures I take. :-)

He is able to step on a small toy to climb up on the couch now too. Once he's up on the couch, he doesn't quite understand safety around the edge and how to get off without doing a face dive. We've had to move most toys away. He's pretty close to being able to climb up without any toys though.

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