Friday, January 22, 2010


I wanted to share some Christmas pictures, even if it is way past Christmas.

Dan had to work Christmas eve and day. This is Jackson and I at church Christmas morning.

Then we went and spent the day with Dan at the airport fire station. Only one firefighter is at that station, so it was nice to have him to ourselves.

We got Jackson a telephone for Christmas.

The day after Christmas we went to Dan's parents house. Here Jackson is watching Cheryl open her present.

Then Jackson and I got up really early one morning and Dan took us to the airport. The two of us flew to Portland and my parents picked us up. That was Jackson's second plane ride. He slept the whole flight (which was only like 25 mins, but he also did great during all the waiting too). We stayed with my parents for a couple days and then Dan drove over. Then after a couple more days we drove back home.

We opened a few presents before Dan came.

And then opened the rest when Dan arrived.

We went to the beach for New Years and watched the movie Up.

Jackson in his new travel high chair.

My Dad and Jackson watching the UofO Duck game at the Rose Bowl.

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