Thursday, August 14, 2008


This was what my garden looked like when we got back from vacation (pic taken Aug 3). I cut two zucchini's off then and I just cut two more off yesterday and have some more to cut soon! A bunch of the radishes were ready to come out too. I didn't really like them though, pretty hot. Probably won't do radishes again, even though they are the easiest and quickest ever. Now I have some bell peppers growing on the two plants too. Don't know what happened to the lettuce though. When we got back they were no more... nothing at all. Before we left the picture shows that a few were starting up, so I don't know what happened.

Here are some shots of Kaeli playing in the field by our house.

Dan was out throwing the ball with me also. A day later we were watching the Olympics and they showed the story of the volleyball player loosing her wedding ring in the sand (and how they found it with a metal detector). Dan then looked at his hand and noticed his wedding ring was gone too. He had no clue that it was missing till the story. He also had no clue to when he lost it. He said sometimes it almost falls off, but he always feels it. So he thought it must of been in his sleep, we looked everywhere in the house and couldn't find it. We thought maybe it came off when he was petting Kaeli in the field. So the next morning we went and looked for it in the field, no luck. The next day I went back out and looked again, still no luck. We hadn't gone many places lately, so we were thinking of all the things he had done that he could of lost it. Another day later I told him I was going to look in the car for it and then he said yeah I was thinking the same thing. He thought he remembered trying to reach something that fell between the seat and that his ring was loose so he maybe lost it then. I went out to the car right then hoping that I would find it. I looked between the seats and didn't see it, then I was going to look under the seat and put my hand on the seat and it slid in the crack and I felt the seat bar and thought maybe it would be in there and I looked and there it was! Oh I was so happy to find it. I really thought we had lost it. I know rings get lost, but I sure wanted to find it.

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Courtney said...

Glad you found Dan's ring! Love your garden too. We didn't plant one this year, but I can't wait to do one next year. Oh...your lettuce probably got eaten. It's a rabbit favorite! Ours did too last year.