Sunday, August 17, 2008


I got a cool book at the library and made two things from it today. I just used scrap fabric I already had. This is the book, Bend-the-rules sewing, by Amy Karol.

The first project I did was a dog collar. I'm anxious to go find some cool fabric at a store to make another! It was super easy. The book said you could buy the clasp at a fabric store. I have kept a couple old collars just in case I would need an extra, so I took the most worn one and cut it apart to use the pieces.

This bib was also quick to make. Soon, I'm going to be watching my friend's baby, Wyatt, part time while she goes back to work. So I thought it would be fun to make a bib for him, especially since he's starting on rice cereal. Hopefully it fits, I just followed the pattern. If it doesn't, then I might just have to make another.

Here are some pictures from my backyard.


Courtney said...

Cute projects! That's a good idea to keep the old collars...I couldn't count how many Rory chewed off when she was a puppy.

Davinie said...

Well look at you, Miss Domesticated. I have that book too and have the fabric all purchased for the curtains for the girls room but haven't made them yet. I'm also thinking hard about that puppet theater. That's very cool.

Alas, no veggie garden for me this year but I am DETERMINED to do it next year.

The Fiero's would like to hire your services for some family photos. Informal. Outside somewhere maybe. But out of the sun because a couple of us are squinters. Think about it.