Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Evening Post

Here is another card using the Baroque Motif and Hugs & Wishes stamp sets.

It's kind of fun playin' with how I take pictures of the cards. Plus I have actions set up in photoshop to do the watermark and I made a new action tonight to change the size of the image to 3" so it's so easy. I love working with photoshop and actually knowing how to do some things with it. And I stress some things because there are so many tools and options in it. But I still love playing with it too.

This weekend I would like to take some pictures of my flowers in the backyard and then post to show how much they have grown. The wildflower seeds that I planted are about an inch tall, but some of the bigger plants are starting to bloom. My Lupine that I started from seed last year is blooming, which I am very excited about.

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