Saturday, June 23, 2007

AC & Auction

We decided to get air conditioning. They installed it yesterday. I'm pretty excited. Plus they installed a new thermostat. It's all touch screen and has a huge display, so it's easy to see.

Today, we went to an auction. They had a nice Browning gun fire safe there that Dan wanted to bid on, but it went for too much so we didn't get it. I ended up getting a box of misc stuff. The reason I wanted it is because it had a label maker and a 4 pack of refills still in the package. I already have a nice label maker, but I am almost out of my last cartridge and I know they are expensive. So I ended up only paying $13.75 for the whole box, so it was a great deal. Other misc stuff in the box was box of envelopes, avery business cards, cd jewel cases, silver polish, spool of nylon twine, sharpie marker, paperclips, random stuff like that. Plus a gentleman gave me a 23x17 inch cutting mat (like for sewing, but I'll use it for scrapbooking) for free! He got it with some other items and he didn't want the mat, so he gave it to me. So I'm pretty excited about all I got.

I took another picture of our back yard today. Look how much the Lupine has grown in just the past couple of days and Kaeli is cute in this picture.
I just had to show another funny tongue picture of Kaeli too.

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