Wednesday, May 4, 2011

summer is on it's way!

I always love the first use of the clothes line of the season. It means summer is on it's way. I don't set up the clothes line until we actually start getting nice weather. Since I don't have diapers to wash anymore, it's going to be hard to use it 100% in the summer. When I did have diapers to wash, hanging them on the clothes line was the best. The stains would come right out and since I had to wash them every other day I felt good about drying them outside instead of using so much electricity with the dryer (especially since they took forever to dry). In an odd way, I miss having diapers to wash and line dry. Here is an old post that I talked about using the line the whole summer with pictures.

Look what I made! Dan helped me... a lot. It's for our little chickies (more like teenager chickies now). We are going to move them outside and put them in with the adult hens and this will be a place they can hide if the big chickens are picking on them.

Here they are. I had to corner them to get a picture. They wouldn't listen when I told them to sit and stay in front of their new house.

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