Friday, May 13, 2011

new bike

We got Jackson the bike. I did some research and decided to get it. And so far, I think we did good. Jackson rode it around the sidewalk tonight and it was his idea to go off onto the dirt trail. He rode a lot and wanted to go more, but it was getting late so we had to come inside (that's why the pictures are a little blurry).

He had to stop to pick up some BB's along the way. The neighbor kids have shot them everywhere and Jackson likes to play with them. He rocks them in his arms and sings "bb baby".

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k_shaddix said...

Um! Your son is SO cute.
I'm newly married (new to blogspot) and really hoping to be a mommy some time in the future. I love seeing photos of other peoples families... it warms my heartttt! haha. <3.