Saturday, February 19, 2011

Helper & Crayon Roll

Jackson is such a great helper. He loves helping with whatever we are doing. He's getting good at helping put away clean dishes and helping put clothes into the washer or dryer. He'll say "Jackson helper?" when he wants to help.

When I went to take pictures of this new crayon roll, he wanted to help too. I told him to lay down and he did and he added a "cheese" for the picture.

Jackson got a 16 crayon roll from Aunt Courtney for Christmas, it's super cute. I decided to make an 8 crayon roll for my purse for whenever. I found this tutorial online for the crayon roll at The Pleated Poppy. I started and finished it this morning, it went quick. It was very easy too and I love it when I have all the supplies already needed for a project.

Jackson wanted to help again.


the pleated poppy said...

so cute! i love the tiny version!

Ang said...

Super cute!!! :) I'm planning on making these for my future students in my future classroom! I love that you did it with 8 crayons! So adorable. :)


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