Thursday, February 24, 2011

colors, more rolls, and pretend

We've been working on colors lately. Here he is saying "blue."

Then I asked him where yellow was.

I made this roll for my mother-in-law, Marti.

It ended up being long, 45 spaces for pencils and then two bigger pockets for an eraser or whatever.

I also made another one for myself. It's for my sewing things. I planned it all out, choosing what I use the most. I don't have a sewing prep area, so I have to bring out my stuff and cutting mat to the living room. So it's really nice and quick to grab it and my mat.

I added snaps to the sides to keep everything in when I roll it up.

Jackson likes to pretend to sleep. I think it's pretty cute, especially since this was his idea.

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