Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 pics from my (new) phone

Last week I got a new phone! It's pretty fancy compared to what I've had. The back slides out and is a keyboard, it's good for texting. Before I've always just had the regular, cheapest to get, cell phones. This still isn't considered a 'smart phone', but I still like it. Anyways, here are some pictures I took from it.

I got my haircut today, probably like 5 or so inches cut off.

Jackson watching cartoons the other morning. I thought he was pretty cute, just hanging out watching tv on the couch like that, turning into a little boy.

I got him a magnadoodle for our last car trip and he loves it. He was playing with it the other day and went over to his high chair (that we don't really ever use) and wanted up in it to write on his magnadoodle. I also thought this was pretty cute and also shows how he's growing up.

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