Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pita Pockets

From these,

to here,

to this.

I made tzatziki sauce, tried to make some Mediterranean spiced chicken (wasn't that great) and made some greek pitas. They were so good. Love cucumbers and feta.

The pita pocket recipe is so easy! It's from a bread machine cookbook (sorry don't know which exact one, didn't keep track of the name). But you just put all the ingredients into the bread machine and set to dough. Then an hour and half later it has turned into perfect dough! Pita's are so fun to see them rise up in the oven too.

I watched the movie Julie & Julia the other day (of course from the library.

I really liked it. It was a cute, no terrible events, movie. It's inspired me to cook more. I've been trying anyways just to save money, but I often run out of new ideas. So I just need to go through more cookbooks. Not necesarrily Julia Child's cookbook and I'm not going to do 500 some recipes in one year, but it's inspiring me to do some new recipes (pita pockets aren't new for me though, I made them a little over a year ago).

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