Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Birthday Party!

We celebrated Jackson turning one this last weekend. Here is the invitation I had made.

It was a wii bowling birthday party, including tournament and bowling alley food!

Here is the shirt Jackson wore. I made the graphics in photoshop and printed them on iron-on paper and ironed them on a white t-shirt.

I made carrot and chocolate cupcakes for the party. I gave Jackson a carrot cupcake to eat. It took him a bit, but he did dig into it. I didn't get a real clear shot of it, but I also made his bib. It has a big 1 on the front using fabric with bowling pins/balls on it. I also made some other bibs using the bowling fabric for the other little kids that came too.

We then went to Pappy's Pizza for more celebration! It was a fun and long day. Jackson did great through it all!

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