Monday, March 15, 2010

Belgian waffles, yummy!

I made these this morning. They were excellent!

I used the Belgian waffle recipe from this book, The Joy of Cooking.

I had never looked at this book before. I had seen it at the library before (I've checked out a lot of their cookbooks). I just thought it was like a Betty Crocker or Better Homes & Garden cookbook. It's not. It's much more thorough and even the way you read the recipes is different. It's neat. I like it a lot.

The Belgian waffle recipe is quite complex though compared to a regular pancake/waffle recipe. I didn't read it before I started. I probably should have, but then I probably wouldn't have made them this morning. It involves lots of warm milk at 105 F degrees, egg whites beat to soft tips, disolving yeast, and more. However, it made a great waffle.

Next on my list to make from the cookbook is Shepards Pie.

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