Monday, February 22, 2010


Jackson took a bunch of steps tonight! It's like it just clicked for him and he wasn't scared anymore (hopefully he remembers tomorrow!). Before he has taken like 1-2 steps only a few times this month, but would then immediately sit once he realized what he did. And other times when we would try to get him to walk he would just sit and not even try. Lately he has been pushing his walking lion toy everywhere and holding onto out hands walking a lot too. But tonight was the first time he really attempted at walking! Today he is three days shy of being 11 months old.

It's too bad Dan was at work today. He missed out and so I had to try to video it with one hand and get Jackson to walk to me. So sorry the video isn't that great and that it's sideways (I normally remember to do them horizontally since we don't have a program to rotate it).

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