Friday, February 26, 2010

bread & outside

I switched and tried the regular white artisan bread recipe and ohhh it is good. It's so good if you like bread at all. I had forgot what it was like and I wanted to compare it with the wheat bread. The wheat is ok, but this is so much better. Maybe I'll do a little less wheat flour next time, but still some to get some of the whole wheat in it. The brown wave in the bread is from the whole wheat dough leftover in the container, a little marbling (couldn't taste it though).

It was pretty nice yesterday, so we hung out a bit after doing chicken chores. Jackson found the vegetable garden and loved playing in the soft dirt. Inside the house he is always trying to play with the dirt in our palm tree, so of course he likes this too.

Love the little hand under the fence.

I played with photoshop some with these pics just for fun.

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