Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 months!

Jackson is 11 months old now!

It was great he did his cheesy smile for the pictures, I wasn't even trying to get him to do it.

Here is what he is doing.

  • Started walking (see previous post for video). He took his true first step earlier this month and then every once in awhile would take a step. Then on 2/22/10 took 4-5 steps at a time multiple times walking to me.
  • Stands up unassisted (like in the middle of the room with no toys or help)
  • Climbs on and off the couch unassisted, he used to need a toy or kaeli to help climb up, and now can do it by himself. And he has taken our advice on going off the couch feet first instead of head first. He's really good at it now too. (See video below.)
  • Says baby, sounds a little like beebee, along with mama, dada and uh oh and other mumbles.
  • Signs "more" and "eat" along with shaking his head "no" and waves bye. Will also sign elephant, kitty, milk, diaper and bath now after I do it or ask about it.
  • Is becoming a picky eater. he will always eat fruit, but other stuff it depends.
  • Pats on Kaeli and Kitty.
  • Gives kisses to Dan and I. Half the time open mouth and half the time closed mouth.
  • Still loves pulling hair, climbing on everything and dancing to music.

Here he is climbing off the couch.

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