Saturday, November 28, 2009

8 months!

Well, Jackson at 8 months:

  • crawling on his hands and knees everywhere! and hasn't army crawled for awhile now
  • pulling himself to standing at everything
  • had turkey on Thanksgiving! it was baby food turkey & vegies
  • takes a short nap in the morning (about 20 mins) and then a longer nap after lunch (usually 1-2 hours) then maybe another nap late afternoon
  • no teeth yet, just lately he's been grabbing my hand and biting it though
  • likes it when I sing and do the hand motions of itsy bitsy spider
  • shakes his hands/arms with or without a toy in it and is all excited, like in the picture with the giraffe and will usually have his mouth in the shape of an O like he's really concentrating and excited
  • still loves to pull my hair... and hard! pulls Dad's hair, but can't grab it as well. He also plays with his hair in the evening when he is drinking his bottle. It's pretty cute.
  • (thought of another one...) has learned the game of throwing something on the ground and getting mom to pick it up and then throwing it on the ground again and mom picking it up again and throwing it on the ground again, etc. etc.

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