Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pictures of my garden and of course Jackson

Here is my little garden. There isn't too much and it's pretty simple.

After transplanting these from a friend's garden three years ago, they are finally growing tall. This was taken a couple days ago and now they are opening up and starting to bloom!

I love just taking pictures of Jackson on the couch sitting by himself.

He really was interested int he camera.

I put one of Jackson's bibs on kitty just to be funny. He didn't care at all and went about his business. He even escaped outside with it on. We made jokes that all the neighbor kitties would make fun of him for wearing it.

Today while Dan was at work, I wore Jackson on my back. He did really good just hanging out while I did chores around the house. Then he fell asleep. I was suprised since it hadn't been very long since his last nap. The back carry worked well though.

Amy is letting us borrow her jumper and Jackson really likes it. He love to watch the lights and monkey while the music plays. He does really well with grabbing them. He can just barely touch the ground, so no real jumping yet.

Dan and I canned cherries yesterday! He wanted canned cherries really bad, so we did it. I've never had canned cherries before, so I'm curious to see what it will taste like.

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Courtney said...

Cute! I love the red overalls!