Friday, July 3, 2009

cousins, swimming and dessert!

Jackson got to meet his newest cousin, Cohen, a couple days ago. Cohens' sister, Elise, is holding him.

Elise and Cohen's brother, Landon, was holding Cohen for the pictures, but Elise wanted to.

Cohen came to visit us at our house two days ago. I can't believe that Jackson is so big! Cohen weighed 8 lbs 2 oz when he was born, so Jackson was even smaller than Cohen (7.0 lbs).

Elise loves to hang out next to Jackson. Such cute cousins.

Today was very warm out, in the mid 90's (F), so we went swimming at our friend Jesse's pool!

Amy and Wyatt came too. Jesse's son, Brady, was tired and was taking a nap, so we didn't get a group picture.

Jackson did great! He really did so much better this time than his first time in the pool at Sunriver. He liked this float and he liked it when I held him looking out and swam him side to side.

And for America's Independence Day tomorrow, I made these mini cupcakes for a BBQ we are going to. They were pretty easy to do. I'm pretty proud of them. I've always wanted to do a festive dessert for the 4th, but never have until today!


Amy Nickell said...

Way cute!I can't wait to eat them:)

Courtney said...

Those turned out cute!