Monday, June 22, 2009

title? can't think of one

Had to get pictures of Wyatt and Jackson in their matching hats.

On June 7th, Amy, Wyatt, Dan, Jackson and I walked the Heaven Can Wait 5k. We had a good time, plus won a $50 gift certificate! Jackson slept the whole time in the moby wrap, even when we were racing (lightly jogging) to the finish line.

I invited Amy and Laura over to make more strawberry jam! We each made a batch and they turned out a little better looking this time. However, I've tried the last batch and it tastes great!

This weekend, my parents came to town because Jackson got baptised! Here is a shot of my Dad with Jackson.

I made some Australian marshmallow balls last night for Dan for Father's day. They turned out really good, but still aren't exactly like the ones we had in Australia. I'll have to make more to perfect them! Here is the recipe I used, marshmallow balls. I took a bite of one to share what the inside looks like, except they are supposed to be pink marshmallows, but they didn't have those at the store I went to.


Courtney said...

The hats are adorable!

Elita said...

When your jam starts to cool a bit, shake the jars to redistribute the berries. This may help with the separation. I love seeing how Jackson is growing. He is such a lucky little boy.