Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 months old and rolling over!

Today Jackson is 3 months old!

He is still doing really good. He is such a good baby, I'm just amazed. He doesn't cry much still and sleeps really well. He takes about 4-5 ounces of formula a feeding, which is about every three hours, except at night he'll go longer.

And the big news is that he rolled over today all on his own! He didn't have a diaper on, so that probably helped. He went from his back to his stomach and got his arms out up in front of him, plus he did it twice! I don't know if he really knew what he was doing. Lately he has really been kicking and swinging his legs around getting close to rolling over, but not all the way until today.

I also took him on a walk in his jogger this evening and he made it the whole way in it without crying. Usually I just walk with the moby on, but I burned my shoulders a bit yesterday so I didn't want to wear it. I tried taking him on a walk in the jogger once before around the block, but he cried half way and so I carried him the rest. So I was very happy that he did so good this time. He slept in it half the way and then was quiet and looking all around the rest of the walk.

Here he is trying to eat the giraffe.

I thought this one was cute too.

Jackson is in the moby and smiling at me and the camera through the bathroom mirror.

Yesterday, Jackson went swimming for the first time! I'll try to post a picture soon! He did ok. He was tired and it was really bright out, so we didn't stay in the pool long. But he sure was cute in his swim trunks and shirt!

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Courtney said...

He is getting so big and SO cute Jessica!