Friday, November 28, 2008

Pumpkin Roll and ebay

I also made a Pumpkin Roll this Thanksgiving, but it was for Dan. Dan had to work at the fire station, so I took him some of it and saved the rest at home. It turned out really good and he liked it a lot, which is sometimes hard because he doesn't like sweet stuff much.

Only two days and ten hours left on some of my auctions for my stamps. I set all my auctions to start at $0.99 and some haven't been bid on yet! I'm a little worried, but it might be good for you to get great deals on the stamps! Check my Items for Sale here.


Courtney said...

That looked really good! I should have had some!

Linda Beeson said...

YUM! You reminded me that I used to make those years ago. I loved doing that.