Friday, November 14, 2008

More family pictures

Last weekend I took pictures of another friend's family. They turned out good. I went to the same park as the previous family. This time there were lots more leaves on the ground.

On Wednesday I finally made it to Trader Joes! However, I wasn't very impressed. It's a nice store, but it is pretty small. I like Whole Foods better. However, I did find Trader Joes brand Cereal Bites with Chocolate! They are soo good! I eat them as a treat and I'm completed addicted to them.

Here is a book I've been reading from the library. It's pretty interesting. I searched for this kind of book because I was curious what other books meant by saying use non-toxic cleaning products. Since I'm babysitting a lot, I want to use safe products around them and learn more about what is safe. From reading this and other books, I think companies have brainwashed us into believing we need harsh chemicals to clean so they will make money off of us.


Softangelkisses said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love your skills!

Jenn D said...

Your photographs are fantastic! I wish I could capture such great shots. Someday when my kids are a bit older I plan to take a class since I already own a good camera.