Friday, September 28, 2007


I missed the part in the directions that said "DON'T USE 9 INCH PAN." Luckily, I checked it after 5 minutes of cooking and it was already close to overflowing, so I put a cookie sheet under it. The angel food cake tastes great though!

I was outside yesterday taking pictures of some flowers in my backyard and caught this. Click on the picture to make it bigger if needed. Silly bug ruined my perfect flower I was shooting. On the far right picture you can see him flying away with the ripped petal. Pretty crazy.

No cards to share today. I need to start making swaps for Portland SU! Demo Regionals though. I'm excited for that, it will be my first SU! big event.


Karin said...

First time here. Great cards and wonderful photos!! Thanks for sharing.

Denise... said...

The photos are incredible...what a catch!

Rachelle S. said...

This is a beautiful picture. Even though the bug ruined the flower it sure made for some awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing!