Thursday, September 6, 2007

New camera and a new haircut!

I got an early birthday present! I'm so excited that I got a new camera, so I am blogging and showing some of the pictures from it! It's a nikon D40X. I've been dreaming about this camera for awhile now, so I'm very, very excited about finally getting it. I've taken over 800 pictures in the last 24 hours!

Here is my new haircut. I wanted something different and I know it's not too different because this haircut is pretty popular right now, but it's different for me too. I also got highlights put in. The A-line/pob/haircut isn't too dramatic, but it's fun for me.

This celebrate card is the first card I've made in awhile too. It's a waterfall type card. It was fun to make.

I went on a drive to Smith Rocks and saw some deer, very cool.

Here is another picture of Kaeli yawning. I'm so loving my new camera!

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