Wednesday, July 21, 2010

update and a blue balloon

Since the last signing and talking post, I started writing down additional signs and words he was saying. It was a new word and sign a week for a little bit it seemed and then all of a sudden he was doing a couple new signs and words a day. So I stopped writing them down. He's got probably 25+ signs he says and who knows how many words, maybe about the same amount. But he will copy words I say all the time now. He just amazes me. It's so much fun to see him learn. I'm also having fun learning more and more American Sign Language too. I'd like to find somewhere else to use it though to get better.

This evening Jackson and I went to the Music in the Canyon. It was such a nice night and great music too. A business came through with a bunch of balloons they were giving out. Jackson saw them and got excited and started saying balloon (I think it sounds a little more like "baoon", but it's hard to tell). Here are some pictures of him playing with it at home.

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