Friday, June 18, 2010

geocaching and some pictures

I've lately been thinking about wanting to use our GPS somehow for hikes or something fun. I've thought about geocaching, but didn't know anything about it and thought it was too hard to do. Until... I read this article in True North Parenting (a local magazine). It explained it all and said to go to to find caches. So I logged in today while Jackson was taking a nap and found that there is a cache just down the road, 0.2 miles away. It's crazy, I would never have thought that. I just thought they were all out in the forest or something. So now I'm totally into it and excited to start. I've entered some into our GPS, so maybe tomorrow I can go look for one.

My Dad took these while we were visiting them this last week. Jackon's newest favorite item are keys, any keys. I need to find some old keys that don't work and wouldn't be a big deal if he lost them somewhere.

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