Wednesday, June 23, 2010

finally nice weather

We finally got some 80 degree (F) weather! It seems we had a cool spring, so it's nice that summer is here. To enjoy it more, I got out the little pool.

Jackson loves to cuddle blankets, pillows, etc, just for a short moment and then he moves on.

Learning how to drink from the hose.

Filling the pool!

Jackson and I went and got some vegetables for the garden! I planted them tonight after Jackson went to bed. I bought two zucchinis, three corn, two tomatoes, and one orange bell pepper.

And here is Jackson eating dinner tonight. First time with his new plate! He did very well. He wanted to pick it up a couple times, but I held it down.


Anonymous said...

jessica u have such a great eye for pics! jackson is to cute!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures of Jackson drinking from the hose! Precious boy!! -Shelbs