Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

For Earth Day I am going to try to keep power usage to a minimum and ride my bike and tow Jackson in our new kids bike trailer! We are usually pretty good at turning off lights and other stuff when not in use, but I'm going to try no to even turn the stuff on to begin with. I'll try to limit water usage even more than usual too. Last week I also started collecting rain water. I will use the rain water to water plants outside when we are between rains (which is pretty often in the summer). Another goal is to start watching weather more and plan on using the outside laundry line. I haven't really used it all winter and I want to start using it, but it will just be a little hassle at first during spring to dry laundry between rain showers. And I'm super excited to start using the bike trailer we just bought! Jackson likes it, we've gone on two short rides around the neighborhood and he talks (mumbo-jumbo-talk) and looks all around. Plus he's pretty cute with his new helmet too. I'll put some pics up soon. (And just to note, we don't have our monitor back yet. But a friend brought us an extra one to borrow today, so I'm able to do everything at home and not have to go use the library's computers! So thankful! However it was kind of nice not having the computer around. It's a nice reminder that I don't need to be on it too much.)

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