Saturday, December 26, 2009

9 months

Here are his 9 month pictures!

Here he's playing in a laundry basket, which he loves to do. I thought these expressions were cute.

I know this one is way blurry, but I don't have many pics of this smile. It must be his cheesy grin smile. It's somewhat of a new thing.

Jackson is

  • Still crawling and seems like he's getting faster
  • Has stood by himself twice for like 4 seconds. However, he was sort of tricked. He was holding a toy both times, so he thought he was holding onto something stable. Both times though he stood great though!
  • Only cruising a little along the couch, not much yet
  • Opening and closing cupboards
  • Pushing his toys around while crawling behind them, especially a train engine with wheels he has, and lately anything else with or without wheels.
  • Loves bath time! He goes to the tub anytime he can during the day. During his bath, he goes on his belly a bunch and will put his mouth and nose under to drink the water.
  • Crys when I leave the room. He never, ever did that before. He'll be completely content with his toys and then if I leave and he realizes it, he crys and starts crawling after me.

Remembered two more:

  • Does the Indian call (saying "ahh" and moving hand back and forth over mouth) a lot now. He will do it by himself with his fists and when I put my hand over his mouth.
  • Definitely knows the game of throwing something down on the ground to get me to pick it up and give back to him so he can throw it back on the ground again. We do it with his toys and he cracks up.

Added late too... Jackson had his 9 month doctor appointment (at 9 1/2 months old) and weighs 19 lbs and is about 29 1/4 inches long. He is doing great the doctor thought.

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