Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jackson is waving!

Ok, just to brag and document... Jackson waved tonight. We were at our friends house (Amy, Seth & Wyatt), saying and waving goodbye and Jackson waved! A bunch too, very obvious that he was waving (copying Amy) and that it wasn't just a random movement. When we got home, Jackson and I were walking through the house and I stopped at the mirror. I waved and said "hi" and he waved back too! So cute! . . .7 months and 3 days, marks the day he did his first sign.

I've been working on some signs for awhile now. We've done the sign for milk probably since his first month. And I've been doing signs for eating, drinking, water, banana, apple, cracker, kitty, dog, and outside somewhat regularly. But now I'm really going to be doing them more! And adding more regular ones. I would have thought kitty would have been his first sign since he's so into kitty, but I guess waving his easier to do so that's probably why. We really hadn't worked on waving much, some, but not much. Obviously enough though for him to get it.

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