Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 months today!

Jackson is 7 months today!

I couldn't decide on the main picture. He would not keep still. He kept trying to tackle and eat the giraffe.

Right now Jackson is:
  • Still army crawling and practicing going on all fours, but not crawling regular yet
  • Today he has started going from crawling position to sitting! (like 8 times today, definitely is getting it down)
  • Sitting by himself really well now, doesn't fall back often at all
  • Sleeping good, like I said in previous post, going about a 6-7 hour chunks most nights
  • Playing with toys and can entertain himself for a good 20+ mins
  • Loves playing "boo" (like peek-a-boo, but I just scare him and say boo), he loves it when I surprise/scare him
  • Pushes food back in his mouth with the back of his hand (it's pretty cute)

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