Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots 'O pics: Book, Coop & Jackson and Wyatt

I did some scrapbooking! I made a mini book. It's 3x3 inches. The pictures didn't turn out super great, so I think it's cuter in person.

Dan has been working hard on finishing up the chicken coop! A friend and him got some old siding for free from a local preschool that is remodeling. I think it looks so neat!

Dan took this picture of me wearing Jackson in the moby wrap. Jackson really likes it a lot. He liked it early on, but he didn't like his head being covered until after he was asleep. Now he doesn't mind his head being covered when he's tired and getting ready to fall asleep. I think he had to get used to that part a little. I usually wear him in this at least a couple hours a day, some days longer. Some days when I take him out of it, I'll leave the wrap on and then it's ready for him to go back in when I'm ready. It works really good.

I finally got a picture of Jackson and Wyatt together! I've started watching Wyatt again three days a week now for one more month until school is out. I get Wyatt in the early morning when he still has his pajamas on, so they both have their pajamas on for the pic. Future best buds.


Angie Tieman said...

What a great little book! So neat you made that already! I love those pictures of Jackson and Wyatt! That last one with Wyatt looking at Jackson is priceless!!

Traci G said...

Love your mini book! It's so neat to see his age progress in one post!