Saturday, May 30, 2009

Clothes line, smiles and 30 days

Dan is making me a clothes line! It's almost done. Thanks Davinie for the old poles! Dan cleaned them up and painted them white. Then had to dig two holes and put the poles in concrete. Now all that is left is to string the line! I'm excited to have a true clothes line. I've always just hung items up inside or outside on a wooden folding rack when I want to air dry. We have such nice summers here, it will be nice.

Got some pictures of smiles yesterday, then Jackson got tired and fell asleep in the bouncy chair.

I did some digital scrapbooking! Pretty simple, but it took awhile to get all the pictures on there. It's size is for 12x12 paper.

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Angie Tieman said...

How cool to have a real, old-fashioned clothes line!

Jackson sure is a cutie! Too funny how he was just smiling and laughing and then fast asleep, wait...I do that too! hee! hee!