Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two weeks old!

I've been meaning to update for awhile now. The day just fly's by before I get a chance to sometimes. So finally I am adding a bunch of pictures.

This first was taken on the 3rd after a bath. Jackson's hair sticks up after it gets washed, it's pretty cute.

He is wearing some work at home mommy made baby legs, a sposoeasy cotton cloth all in one diaper and a gerber snap shirt. These WAHM baby legs were given to me as a gift from another cloth diaper mom. I have some name brand baby legs and they are way too big for him now, so these are great for while he is tiny.

Wyatt had his ONE year birthday party on Saturday! I can't believe he is already one! It seems like just yesterday I was at the hospital taking pictures of him when he was hours old. His party was cowboy themed. Jackson wore a dude ranch cowboy baby onesie outfit and Wyatt's old cowboy hat (that was still too big for Jackson). I totally forgot to dress up too. Dan came late, so I reminded him.

Dan wore the moby wrap the other day. He had me put it on him, but once it was on it worked well for him. They both liked it.

I couldn't resist to buy these pants at Old Navy the other day. Jackson wore them to Church on Sunday.

I just washed his hair again, but tried to shape it in a mohawk, didn't work super well quite yet.

Today, Jackson had his two week doctor appointment! The doctor was impressed and happy about his weight gain and said he is doing great! Good job Jackson! His cord stump still hasn't fallen off yet though. Doctor said it's still got a bit to go, so no full baths yet. And this picture was taken today.


Krystie Lee said...

Your boys are beautiful, congratulations on the newest! The pictures are adorable! :)

Traci G said...

He is such a beautiful baby!!! I love seeing all of your pictures!