Friday, March 13, 2009

two weeks and a new toy

This Sunday will be exactly two weeks to go until Hannah's due date! And this Sunday will be our last birthing class (total of 3 Sunday afternoon classes). Last class Hannah had a couple of contractions during class. She said they don't hurt, but her whole belly gets tight for 45-60 seconds and then relaxes. I got to feel it, it was neat. I've been pretty prepared for awhile now, but I think I'm for sure ready. I've been keeping the house clean and everything is ready for a baby to come! Just have to wait! And I thought waiting for Christmas when I was little was hard!

Davinie gave me a toy for when baby gets older and Wyatt to play with. First thing this morning when Wyatt came he played with it. He likes it a lot. He likes to spin the flower (in the second picture).

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Davinie said...

So glad he likes it! My kids had fun with this one and I am glad it went to a good home. I didn't want to get rid of it! If I find more blocks I'll send them your way. :)