Saturday, March 7, 2009

Long week

Last Sunday, I got to go to the first birthing class with Hannah and her mom! It was kind of what I expected. I'm really glad I get to go to them with her though. There are two more on the next two Sunday afternoons. The class is smaller, 5 other pregnant ladies. The instructor is nice and breaks up her lecture with relaxation techniques.

Monday I started to get a cold and have had it all week, starting to finally feel better now.

Wednesday I drove to Albany. My Grandpa died on Friday, so Wednesday was his funeral. It was very nice. A small graveside service with close family and friends. He was 82 and had Alzheimer's and just recently went on hospice care, so it was somewhat expected. Then I came back home on Thursday.

Then Friday, I picked Dan up from the airport! He was gone for the last two weeks at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg Maryland.

Today we are just relaxing and I'm still getting better from being sick. Then tomorrow I get to go to the birthing class again!

Oh and for Lent I'm giving up chocolate! I did last year too, and decided again it would be good to give up again.

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