Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Injury prone Kitty

Silly Kitty is on antibiotics again for another wound. Sunday after being outside for the morning, he came home limping a little. At first I couldn't tell what foot it was, but then by the evening he wasn't putting hardly any weight on his front left foot. I checked it out and found this big scratch. I shaved it down to see it better. (This picture is two days later while on the pain meds, so that's why he's not limping on it anymore and wanting to go outside again.)

He totally lets me shave his injuries down, it's funny. There would be no way he would let the vet do it there, so I do it before we go. I figured it was starting to get infected, so I took him in Monday before it got any worse. They gave me antibiotics, pain meds, and an exam bill. I think the next time this happens, if a wound starts to get infected, I'm just going to buy antibiotics from either or see if a local feed barn would have it in the right dosage for a cat. It seems like such a waste of my money to pay an exam fee for something that I already know he needs. It's either that or Kitty might have to move out and go live on a farm. We can't pay for vet bills every time he gets in a fight with the neighbor orange kitty. I wonder if the orange kitty has ever gets any wounds. I've never talked to the neighbor about it, I hardly ever see her.

I just looked at all posts for Kitty to see when the last time I posted about his injuries. His first bad abscess was exactly one year ago from today. That is so odd that I posted them both on the same day. I think last time I was also a little late posting about it, so that's weird.


Courtney said...

Ow! He won't stay inside? Poor Kitty, but I would get tired of the vet bill too. ;)

KMcMeyer said...

O Poor Kitty Kitty! I love that little bugger! Too bad he doesn't like me very much! Hope that you are doing great! Miss you lots!