Thursday, April 24, 2008

A page and some pictures

Here is a 12x12 page I made with this month's kit. I edited the picture first in photoshop. The picture is of my husband's grandparents.

I really wanted the focus to be on them. There was a lot of other colors in the street, so I made it b&w except for them. Then selected a square around them, inversed it and blurred it, then stroked a white line of the selected square to highlight the difference.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of Wyatt. These are some of my favorites. I uploaded more on my flickr account (link is to the right).


Angie Tieman said...

Man, my jaw is dropping here! YOur photos are amazing! And I love how you edited the grandparents one in photoshop, very effective!

Mika said...

The foto's are amazing. Mika (